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Today’s episode,

After few minutes later,
Riddhima shake Abeer while asking him
Riddhima: bhai, what happened to you??
Abeer: nothing honey
Riddhima: lets go in ?
Abeer: ha
Aarohi:(to uma) where is vansh uma??
Uma: he is here till now, just now he went to attend an important call,he also excited to meet you Aarohi
Aarohi:yeah! I know and ……don’t you introduce me to your daughters uma ???by the way I know the names of you daughters but I can’t recognise them who is Ishani and who is Meher?
Uma:(holding Ishani) Aarohi, this is Ishani, my first daughter and fashion designer
Ishani:(touching her feet)hi aunty, how are you ??
Aarohi: god bless you beta, such a beautiful girl and this is Meher right??
Meher:( giving a smile to Aarohi) haa , aunty iam Meher ( Meher touch Aarohi feet)
Aarohi: uma, your two daughters are looking so beautiful (she notice sad in Uma’s face ) what happened uma??
Uma: still bhai is angry on me ??
Aarohi: haa
“Then two hands closed Uma’s eyes from backward”
Uma recognised that hands and said
Uma: bhaiya!!
Deep: do you really think that I don’t meet you ??
Uma: no !!
(They shared a hug)
All are in living room, sitting in the sofa and talking a lot .then a maid came to sever juices to all but suddenly the juice was fall on the riddhima’s dress

Uma: oh!! Sorry beta!

Riddhima: it’s ok aunty, can i use your rest room ??
Uma: ha beta, go up and left staight 3 room
Riddhima: ok aunty
Riddhima so confused and she was thinking a lot about something.
She entered a room while thinking a lot and without seeing that a pen was on the floor ,she step on the pen and started falling on the floor but two hands was stopped from falling on the floor .she was closed her eyes in the fear and then she slowly started opening her eyes and for few seconds they are seeing into eachother’s eyes then they realised and back into the normal
Riddhima: I.. . Iam sorry
Vansh: no,I am sorry ,I kept my room so messy and because of my pen you are suppose to fall
Riddhima: it’s ok
Vansh: sorry but can I know ,who are you?? And what are you doing here??
riddhima: iam riddhima and I need use rest room, so aunty said that upstairs,3 rd room so I came here
Vansh: ohh! This is 4 th room
Riddhima: oh ! Iam sorry, I lost somewhere ,so sorry
Vansh : it’s ok ,you can use my rest room
Riddhima: tq
Again vansh got a call and riddhima went into the rest room.
After few minutes,
Riddhima came out and vansh completed his call .she give him a small smile and Said
Riddhima: tq
Vansh: it’s ok ,by the way who’s daughter you are??
Riddhima: iam Aaro…h.
( Riddhima Still not completed the sentence but vansh continued)
Vansh: Aarohi aunty !!!! Is here?? Ohh!! Iam last
Riddhima: ohh!!
Vansh: ok,Let’s go
Riddhima: ha
(They both are coming from upstairs.vansh straightly went to Aarohi and deep and take blessings through touching their feet)
Vansh: aunty and uncle ….how are you??
Aarohi: not fine beta
Vansh: what happened aunty??
Aarohi: I don’t like this “aunty”
Vansh: oo! What should I call you then ??
Uma: buva
Vansh:buva ??
Uma: haa,buva. For your dad  ,Aarohi is like his own sister,so she is your buva
Vansh: ok ( asking for confirmation to Aarohi)
Aarohi: double ok beta.
Vansh: tq
Aarohi: ok, let me introduce my son and daughter
Vansh: haa
Aarohi: this is my son Abeer ( to vansh) ,Abeer this vansh( to Abeer)
Vansh: hi
Abeer: hi
( They shake hands)
Aarohi: and this is my daughter …….
( Vansh told her name before Aarohi)
Vansh: riddhima
Aarohi: how do you know??
Vansh: actually buva ,we already meet in my room
Aarohi: oh!! Good
Uma:(to Abeer)
Abeer this Ishani
Abeer: hi Ishani
Ishani: hi Abeer (she felt him so voice familiar)
( They had hand shake)
Uma: (to Abeer) this is my small daughter Meher
Abeer: hi Meher( he forward his hand to shake)
Meher: hi Abeer ( but Meher didn’t forwarded her hand to shake but She just say hands keeping together namste)(this act ishani felt weird)
Actually my hands are not clean
Abeer: ohh! Even I don’t like Dirt to touch
( They both have fake smile on their faces )
Uma: ok, let have food.
Aarohi: haa
Uma:(to vansh) where is aahana vansh??
Vansh: maa, I already made a call but she is not lefting my phone
Uma: ha ,try again
Vansh: yes ma

In dinning hall,
All they sat in the dinning table.
Uma: Ishani what happened ??come and have your lunch
Ishani:maa,wo…. angre also not taken lunch ,I called him but he is not lefting my call
Uma: Ishani i already called him ,he said he is on the way
Ishani: he answered your call??
Uma: haa
Ishani:hmm, ok ma

All completed their lunch but angre not yet came house to have lunch .all sat in the sofa in living room, Ishani is looking out for someone . After few minutes angre entered the house , seeing angre
Ishani: maa, see angre is here
Uma: angre ,why are you so last today??
Angre: maa, iam sorry .I had some so that why..
Uma: ok ,go and had your lunch it’s already too late then you will be my friends ok
Angre : ok ma
Uma: ok, let go I will serve to you
Ishani: maa, aaj aapki friends aayye so I will serve to angre
Angre: it’s ok Ishani, i will manage ,you guys have fun
Ishani: no way, ok. come now.
Angre: ok
After completion of angre’s lunch also. All are talking about their friendship,do and everything …..
Ishani: ok,ok,ok guyd ,now,you old people enjoy with talks and we guys Will enjoy in my room .
Ok all guys pl come to my room to play something ,iam getting bore yaar.chalo
Vansh: ishani, your some small and more messy so we are not coming to your room ,so we will play in my room .
Ishani: but bhaiya , your room is also messy , right
Vansh: no because maid already cleaned my room just before our lunch
Ishani: ok ,done
(All guys went to vansh room ,so as soon all members become as friends )

In vansh room,
Ishani: ok then what we will play here??
Vansh: ludo??
(All) :no……
Vansh: ok
Ishani: you tell na Meher
Meher: chess??
Ishani: how boring yaar ?? Riddhima you??
Riddhima: ohh! I don’t know….hmmm, you tell na Ishani
Ishani: hmm…… truth or dare ??
Abeer: truth or dare!!
Oh !! My favourite game vaise bhi kabhi kabhi truth will be so bitter Ishani ……it will enough to fill  thr poison in relationship
Meher: they should be patience to listen and trust to accept the truth ( seeing towards Abeer,but this time angry and pain was clearly visible in her eyes )
Riddhima: but bhaiya, truth will make more strongen the relationship but it depends on the opposite person.
Abeer: Riddhi….
( Abeer going to say something but Ishani stopped him)
Ishani: come on guys , let’s play
All: ok
After some time
It was Meher’s turn to answer
Ishani: ok ok , I will Ask .hmmmm…… Meher do you love someone ??
(Meher keep some silence while seeing abeer, she and Abeer have an eyelock and riddhima and Ishani was looking eachother by mistakenly with different emotions in their eyes ……Which contains many questions in their mind
Meher: no …I don’t love anyone . because i don’t trust love now .
( Next it’s turn of angre to answer)
Vansh: Ishani your chance is completed to ask
Ishani: please……. Bhai …… please ……..angre (making a face with cute voice)
Vansh: ok ,my dear cutie….
Ishani: ok, what is your opinion on me angre??
Angre: hmmmmmmm……. nothing
Ishani: you!!!!
Angre: oooo!!ok ok , beautiful girl , kind hearted , and care taking person.
Ishani: ooo!!
Riddhima is trying to spin the bottle in a proper way but she unable to do it
Vansh: riddhima, not like that ,I will show you …
( He shows how to spin the bottle but still she is not unable to do it )
Vansh: reyy!! Come I will show you again
He hold her hand to show ,in that process ,vansh was observering riddhima
Riddhima: hey!!! I did it
(All members are launching at her childishness )
“All members completed the game because they got a call from Aarohi to come to go house because it’s already last. All members left the room but riddhima went to wash room . vansh is still there because he got a call from office . when riddhima came out ,she went to vansh and say
Riddhima: ok, vansh byee.
Vansh: come again my friend
Riddhima: sure because I love your sisters ,maa and specially your grandmother
Vansh: not me??
Riddhima: (smiling)yeah!! Of course vansh .ok byee
Vansh: yeah , byee
They went into the hall
Riddhima:(to uma) ( with low voice) maa, you don’t give me full details about the party
Uma: haa, riddhima , tomorrow Ishani will to come to your office to give you full details because she is the one who arrange the party everyyear ,
Riddhima: oh!!  ok ,ma …..byee
Uma: byee beta …..
(All Roy went to Roy’s mansion)

Ok guys, today’s episode is over . hope you guys liked it

Keep smiling , happy and safe …

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