Glória Season 1: Plot Summary And Ending Explained? Who Kills Mia Orlov? Who Was Mia Orlov?

Glória Season 1: Plot Summary and Ending Explained? Who kills Mia Orlov? Who was Mia Orlov?
Glória Season 1: Plot Summary and Ending Explained? Who kills Mia Orlov? Who was Mia Orlov?

The Netflix series “Gloria” shows Portuguese politics during the Cold War. Joo Vidal, a young Portuguese engineer, is at the center of the conflict. Vidal fought in the Portuguese Colonial War in Angola for two years while serving in the military. As a KGB spy, Vidal works for the US government’s Raret radio station in Glória do Ribatejo and conducts espionage operations. Vidal is a character who doesn’t want to choose either side. Although his job is to deal with blood, Vidal does everything he can to keep his hands clean. Inner and outer compulsions are constantly fighting for Vidal’s attention. In the case of Joo Vidal, let’s take a closer look.


The Plot of Gloria Season 1 Summary

The engineer Joo Vidal comes to Glória do Ribatejo at the height of the Cold War to take on his new role as technical antenna coordinator for the radio station Raret. The US radio station was established in the Eastern Bloc to receive broadcasts between the US and its allies (such as agents and embassies). Portugal is an ideal distance to receive shortwave broadcasts from the east. For this reason, the United States uses its diplomatic contacts with the Portuguese government to exploit Raret in Glória. In order to curb the anti-colonialist and communist tendencies in Portugal, the President of the Council, Professor Oliveira Salazar, has turned to the West and asked for support.

Hénrique Vidal, Vidal’s father, is a minister in the Portuguese government who advocates anti-communist positions. Vidal, however, ended up with the Russian secret service KGB. Alexandre Petrovasky, a secret agent, meets Vidal in Glória and gives him his first assignment as an agent: to sabotage an interview with Boris Barkow. Boris is a former Russian commander who has sworn allegiance to the opposition. In the interview he calls on his compatriots not to attack Czechoslovakia. Vidal entices telegraph operator Ursula to replace Boris Barlow’s band with his own. As a result of the sabotage, Russian Warsaw Pact troops invade the Czech Republic and take Prague.

Vidal carries out several spy missions to sabotage the US government’s attempts to defeat Russia in the Cold War. In between, he kept asking about a former telegraph operator, Mia Orlov, who suddenly disappeared.

Who kills Mia Orlov?

Once Vidal arrives in Raret, he sets out to find Mia Orlov. He tells his colleagues that he met Mia through a mutual acquaintance during his studies. Goncalo (a friend and colleague in Raret) is the subject of his research because he has pictures of Mia and Goncalo. The photos show Mia and Gonzalo celebrating the 4th of July together. Vidal has the faintest suspicion that the two are having a love affair. When Gonzalo is threatened by Vidal, he reveals that Mia has helped him with his drug addiction. Goncalo even reveals to Vidal that Mia lives near the Magos Dam in Magos, where they often party together.

Glory Season 1

Mia’s body is found in the river near the Magos Reservoir not long after it disappears. Doctor Miguel assumes in the autopsy report that Mia died as a result of an accident. He later confirmed that she was killed by a flat object. Bill, a CIA agent, discovers Miguel’s collection of obscene photos of women Mia has seen on him. Miguel is accused by Bill of Mia’s murder. Miguel claims that Mia blackmailed him into poisoning Raret’s boss James Wilson and CIA agent Anne O’Brien, who live in Gloria as a married couple.

When Vidal first arrives in Gloria, he receives a photo of Mia from a communist sympathizer named Quim. Vidal burns the photo in his apartment. In a flashback, we learn that Mia Orlov was the Russian spy who recruited Vidal. A professional connection can be seen in the flashbacks when Vidal tells his colleagues that he was romantically involved with Mia. Their relationship remained secret until the end.

Gloria’s Ending Explained: Who Was Mia Orlov?

Vidal teams up with Alexandre to find Mia’s killer and fulfill her unfinished mission to murder US agents James Wilson and Anne O’Brien. Vidal investigates Mia’s murder. The fisherman who found Mia’s body informs Vidal that he found a ring in her hand, suggesting she was married or engaged. Doctor Miguel hands the ring to Vidal. The ring is dated July 4, 1968. Vidal thinks Mia got engaged that day.

dr. Miguel is suspected of Mia’s murder by Vidal and Alexandre because she knew his secret. Though Miguel denies the charges, Alexandre has him killed. Vidal later learns that Mia was depressed and may have committed suicide. He goes to Dr. Silveira, the only psychiatrist in Gloria, to find out more. Vidal finds no medical records on Mia. He does find a band of Sophia Ayres, the wife of Ramiro, the technical director of Raret.

Sophia has told Silvia that she is in love with Mia. The jewelry Mia Sophie gave her was something very special. Vidal invites Sophia to Mia’s old home to solve the mystery of her death. Sophia tells Vadil that she knew Mia was a Russian spy and that they planned to flee to Hungary together. However, on the day of her departure, Mia did not show up and Sophia believed she had left her.

Vidal suspected Sophia’s husband, Ramiro, of murdering Mia, but he had a solid alibi. The time of Mia’s disappearance coincided with the time Ramiro was in Germany for training purposes. Engineer Parker from Germany tells Vidal that Ramiro was two days late. Vidal eventually concludes that Ramiro was the one who killed Mia. Sophia tries to escape Gloria, but Vidal kidnaps her.

On the way to Mia’s house, Ramiro reveals to Vidal that he knew about the connection between Sophia and Mia. When Sophia threatened to leave him, Ramiro hit Mia in the head with a sign during an argument in her apartment. Although Sophia was aware of Mia’s death and Ramiro’s murder, she still tries to protect her husband from the judiciary.

At the end of the series, Vidal kills both Sophia and Ramiro. Vidal makes it look like Ramiro killed his wife and himself. Alexandre is shocked when Vidal reveals to him that Mia’s murder was not a political murder, but an ordinary love crime committed by Ramiro.

Why did Vidal become a KGB agent?

Alexandre asks Vidal to finish her plan and blow up the radio station. There are no Americans around when the radio is off. Instead of killing more people, Vidal Alexandre suggests blowing up the antennas. The KGB was more concerned with blood than an embassy, ​​so Vidal’s idea is rejected.

In an earlier scenario, PIDE destroys a communist cell and learns of an attack on Raret. PIDE follows the trail and arrests two communist Raret employees who transport explosives. However, the explosive explodes and the agents are killed in the explosion. Vidal realizes that the car explosion was really a red herring. The explosives were detonated with a device that had not been discovered at the crime scene. According to Vidal, the mastermind behind the car explosion was Alexandre, who has a dark target.

Vidal draws a conclusion: The KGB wants to kill CIA agents James and Anne. He discovers an explosive device that the KGB has placed under the engine of James’ car. Vidal removes the explosives and takes it home. He places the bomb over RARET’s main power supply so that the explosives cannot harm anyone.

After the explosion, Vidal meets Mia in the old tower and says, “We can go now.” Vidal came to Gloria not because of the KGB, but to save Mia from the KGB. Vidal was never interested in politics or the Cold War. He started working at RARET, where he mingled with the KGB, CIA and PIDE to convince the agencies that the KGB spy Mia Orlov was dead.

Is Mia alive?

Alexandre explains to Vidal that practically everything we do in life is motivated by a strong sense of purpose. In a flashback, Mia asks Vidal about his wish to become a KGB spy and infiltrate Raret. She’s not sure if it was extortion or persuasion. Vidal does not answer, but it is eventually explained that Vidal had a passion for becoming a KGB agent. Not out of a national passion, but out of love.

Vidal’s rude behavior and worries about finding Mia’s killer show how much he loves her. He doesn’t care about local politics and is solely focused on finding Mia’s killers. Vidal came to Gloria to show the Americans, Russians and Portuguese that Mia was no longer alive. After killing Mia’s killer, he persuades Alexandre to stop looking for Mia.

Mia’s body has never been shown to the public. Miguel confirms Mia’s identity based on her age, stature, clothing and watch. Mia had no family, so the CIA had no choice but to trust Miguel’s judgment.

Vidal organizes his own escape as soon as the KGB and CIA suspect Mia is dead. Vidal’s father, Henrique, is informed by Goncalo that Vidal is a Russian agent. Henrique falsely accuses Goncalo of being a KGB agent to save his son, prompting PRIDE to arrest him. Henrique gives Vidal tickets to Brazil and gives him an escape route. He suggests that Vidal make up a story or accident to convince the KGB that he is dead. The RARET explosion was probably the story. Mia and Vidal decide to start a new life together in Brazil by changing their identities. Vidal’s crimes of passion were planned from the start.

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