Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 14

Hey all here is next episode. Hope you guys like it

Episode starts

Kartik’s mobile rings..its Swarna

Naira gets excited and: Kartik maa is calling maybe she..she…

She attends the call and puts it on speaker

Swarna: Aksharaji did not leave us. She is right in front of me

Naira and Kartik have tears

Kartik: Maa..sach…? Where are you?

Swarna: Jaipur..we found her here but..

Naira: But?

Swarna: But…she is unconscious now and needs a surgery too

Kartik: We are coming maa…soon….but is it confirm..I don’t want to give false hopes to anyone its not that I dont trust you

Naira: Kartik..maa will not have called us without confirming herself twice. I trust maa lets go

Naira’s words prick Swarna. She regrets blaming Naira

Naira gets super excited she is about to run. Kartik pulls her into his arms 

Kartik: Aaram se…dont forget that you are a to be mom now

Naira hugs Kartik tight

Naira: Kartik…kartik

She suddenly starts to cry.

Kartik: Naira…its such a happy news and you are crying

Naira: Nahi Kartik..pinch me na…its not dream na

Kartik kisses her

Kartik: Now do you know its reality?

Naira: Kartik..muma…muma….meri muma

Naksh comes by the way and stops hearing a crying Naira. He peeps inside

Naksh: Muma kya Naira? Why are crying 

Naira breaks the hug and clings on to Naksh

Naira: Bhai…muma is alive..she never left us 

Naksh feels surreal, the world stops for him for a moment. Only Naira’s words ring in his ears

Naira shakes him and he gets to reality 

Naksh: Sach mein Naira?

Kartik tells the happenings 

Naksh breaks down. He cries in a loud voice bringing everyone there

Manish: What happened Beta? Why is Naksh crying 

Kartik goes to Naitik and hugs him

Kartik: Papa your love proved its strength..muma is alive

Naitik couldn’t believe his ears. Rajshri starts to cry 

Naitik: Kartik what are you saying 

Manish: Haan Kartik whats all this?

Kartik tells them what happened 

Dadi: Swarna called you? Akshara ji is in Jaipur 

Naira: Haan dadi…chalo Kartik book tickets let us go to muma

Kartik: Par Naira

Naira: Please please 

Kartik: Arrey..arrey ruko pehle..she is in hospital…we all cant go

Rajshri: Par beta…we ….

Manish: We have our guest house there beta..lets go…Ill arrange the tickets 

Some time later

Naksh and Keerthi rejoice. Naira celebrates with Naitik. Kartik goes to Rajshri who is sitting alone crying 

Kartik: Nani

Rajshri wipes her tears and gently caresses his face

Kartik: Dont worry Nani all your prayers are heard now

Rajshri: Kartik beta did you see the play of God..he could have brought Akshara infront of any of us but he brought her to Akshara

Kartik: So that through it he can give back Naira both her mothers

Rajshri: Sach beta…I guess Swarna’s hatred has reduced a bit if not she would not have called Naira

Kartik: Maa was angry nani she didn’t hate Naira..no one can hate her

Manish comes with tickets grabbing attention 

Manish: Through some influence got tickets for tomorrow morning, so everyone go to sleep so that we leave soon

Manish goes to Naitik and hugs him

Manish: Naitik ji losing your wife is a very bug deal, I faced it so I know but the miracle is getting them back from dead. Im glad that you got Akshara ji back. Im so happy for you

Naitik: Thank you so much Manish ji..I…

Manish: Kuch mat kahiye…just enjoy these emotions to compensate for all those nights you cried 

Kartik: Haan papa tomorrow by this time muma will be with you and she is in a critical state so you will have to be strong 

Naksh: Haan papa..muma will scold me if she sees you sleepless..come lets go

Everyone settle in their bedrooms. The scene freezes 

Unknown place 

A guy with a mask in his face is talking to someone 

The guy: She told the police?

Other person: Yes, I was in the crowd 

The guy: And she is?

OP: That KG was talking something with her and the people who came with her

Guy: Now I have to remove her from the route I guess. 

OP: But……

Guy: Already someone knew about us now again this….whats her name

OP: I don’t know that

Guy: Okay fine…give her sketch to me that’s enough 

Saying this the guy walks out as his phone rings. The scene freezes 

Jaipur Next Morning

The Goenkas and Singhanias rush into the hospital. Swarna and Ashi are there

Kartik: Maa….

Naira runs to Swarna and she trips.Swarna holds her

Swarna: Naira…you have to be careful during pregnancy. What if you get hurt?

Naira couldn’t believe her ears. She starts to cry. Swarna hugs her

Swarna: Sorry beta…it took me so much to understand you. Then too its your muma who made me realise what all good deeds you did and you always wanted good for me and this family . I should have known that you would never have wanted to hide this

Naira: Maa…woh…I wanted Shubham to confess…I asked him to and he said he will in the birthday party..I waited the whole night for him to take initiate…but..I didn’t know that the next morning will turn out like that….

Swarna cups Naira’s face

Swarna: Naira..seeing Akshara ji here I realised that death and birth is never in our hands. So me blaming you for Shubham’s death was my dumbness. In anger and anguish that I failed as a mother I blamed everything on you. Aur pregnancy…you didn’t lie….yes Shubham wont be back but jo chala gaya uskeliye jo hai uss se ko naa sakthe haina hum? Im sorry for being rude to you

Naira: Maa..please don’t say sorry…If we cant understand you who will?

Everyone get happy seeing Swarna accepting Naira. The nurse walks out

Nurse: Who is that madam’s family? Doctor wants to talk to you

Kartik: We are her family, can we see her first?

Nurse: Sure sir

Kartik: Papa..you go….Naira..Naksh…go and see muma

Manish: Haan..its not advisable to crowd around her

Naira Naksh and Naitik enter the room. Their eyes see what they were yearning for in these years. Naira’s joy knows no bounds, Naitik walks to Akshara and kneels down near her. He could feel her again. Akshara’s duggu on the other hand, gently caresses her head like a responsible son. Akshara is in sedation and doesn’t express anything but her heart knows that she is back with whom she belonged too. 

Doctor comes to Kartik

Doctor: Are you her family?

Kartik: Ji sir..Im her son in law. 

Doctor: Sir..she needs to be operated soon. There is a small haemorrhage in her brain causing seizures. Once we operate it she will be fine

Manish: Then dont delay it sir

Naira comes out crying. Kartik runs to her and holds her

Naira: Kartik….muma….muma….

Kartik: How is muma Naira? Why are you crying?

Naira: I don’t know..maybe happy tears….seeing muma after so long. Sorry Kartik

Kartik: Kyu?

Naira: When she fell down..I…..I blamed……

Kartik hugs her

Kartik: Shshsh…its all over my sherni. Haan you blamed me but once you knew I wasnt responsible meri sherni put all her life to take me out. Aur baat sorry ki toh…you have already apologised plenty of times for that.

Manish: Haan Naira beta dont feel for the past. Feel happy for the present

The nurse comes with papers

Nurse: Her husband has to sign this

Naitik comes out

Kartik: Papa please sign the papers. 

Naitik gets the papers and goes through it. He then signs the paper and hands it over to the nurse. Manish walks to Naitik

Manish: Naitik ji God has brought her all this way, now he will bring her out of this too

Naitik nods . Naksh is emotional seeing which Kartik hugs him. Naira and Keerthi join their hug. The episode freezes 


Complications In Surgery. Vedika is hiding something 

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