Nupur Sanon on heartbreak, Tinder and being more than just a pretty face

You would think that a woman as pretty as Nupur Sanon would be spared heartbreak and the dark side of love.  But the world being what it is, nobody is safe from cheating boyfriends and unrequited love. Take a look at the most beautiful men and women and you’ll realise that heartbreak visits one and all. If Jay Z could cheat on Beyonce, what are we mere mortals complaining about? Like all of us, Nupur’s idea of love in school and in college was a typical Disney fantasy. she laugh,  “It was childish. It was like, ‘okay this person is sweet and you’re attracted to him. He’s nice and that’s about it. Those days no one used to think about the practicalities of the future. The realistic situations didn’t arise only. It was all in a la la la happy space.”


In an exclusive interview with Filmfare she says,  “I had my first heartbreak in college. The guy cheated on me and I snapped out of it. I got into a space, where I was like I don’t believe in love. I don’t know what love is. I had not seen it in my generation.”

Nupur Sanon

Nupur is left wondering what love really means. Questions like that have been posted on many online forums and on social media wherein a large majority of this generation feels that the love they witnessed growing up no longer exists. Instead, it’s all about instant gratification, dating apps, and sliding into somebody’s DMs. “What people project as love sounds quite hollow to me. Our generation is quite spoilt. We’ve gotten things easily so we don’t know how to work hard. The little things I see my parents do for each other, is lacking in our generation. It’s so easy to approach someone now and start dating. Heart toh door ki baat hai, log toh dimaag bhi use nahin karte. I’ve seen a lot of guys and girls who give up on love after one heartbreak. I also went through that phase myself. For our so-called ‘Tinder Generation’, it’s easy to approach someone. What’s difficult is maintaining a relationship,” she says.

Nupur Sanon

Nupur also opens up about being more than just a pretty face.


“If someone calls me pretty, it’s obviously a compliment. And I feel happy about it. But if someone has watched me in Filhaal or Filhaal 2, I’d love if they say, ‘You look so pretty and your screen presence is great.’ I’d want more. I wouldn’t want them to see the superficial outer layer. There are times when I’ve given an audition and the person says, ‘oh I misjudged you.’ I ask them what they mean. And they’re like we’ve seen you here and there and thought you were just a pretty face. We didn’t expect you to do so well. I’ve actually heard this. Why wouldn’t you expect someone who’s nice looking to be talented too?” she wonders. Ane we couldn’t agree more with her. 

Nupur Sanon

Nupur amplifies that she’s not being arrogant when she’s saying this. She says it’s a myth that pretty people get things on a platter. She feels the naysayers choose to overlook the effort behind the success. Even Kriti, she says has faced this problem. She adds that the industry is a different place today.  You can’t survive today by just being a pretty face. 

Point noted. 

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