Prakash Jha smeared with ink, Ashram 3 sets in Bhopal vandalised by Bajrang Dal members: Report

Bobby Deol starrer Ashram 3 has run into some serious trouble after a group of Bajrang Dal members stormed the show’s sets in Bhopal and vandalised it. They also attacked filmmaker Prakash Jha who is helming the series and smeared ink on his face, reported NDTV citing Bhopal police. 

Video of the incident has been shared on social media which shows Bajrang Dal members chasing down crew, managing to catch at least one of them and beating him mercilessly with a metal light stand. They also shouted slogans such as “Prakash Jha Murdabad”, “Bobby Deol Murdabad” and “Jai Shri Ram” while they attacked the show’s set which was located in the Arera Hills. 

An irked Bajrang Dal leader Sushil Surhele speaking to NDTV said, “They made Ashram 1, Ashram 2 and were shooting Ashram 3 here. Prakash Jha showed in Ashram that the guru was abusing women. Does he have the guts to make such a film on a church or madrasa? Who does he think he is?” 

He added, “Bajrang Dal challenges him, we won’t let him make this film. So far we have just blackened Prakash Jha’s face. We are looking for Bobby Deol. He should learn something from his brother (Sunny Deol). He made such patriotic movies.” The police have promised action against those who vandalised the set. 

Earlier, too, the cast of Ashram has faced the wrath of netizens and political outfits for the portrayal of a Hindu priest which is played by Bobby Deol. 

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