PUBG 14.2 Update: New Features, Map Locations, Weapons, Download Files And More

PUBG 14.2 Update: New features, map locations, weapons, download files and more
PUBG 14.2 Update: New features, map locations, weapons, download files and more

PUBG Corp has announced the PUBG 14.2 update which includes new weapons, gameplay features and bug fixes. Apart from this, the developers have updated the down-but-not-out (DBNO) status, giving downed players one more chance to survive. The PUBG 14.2 update will roll out on November 3 for PC and November 11 for consoles.

PUBG 14.2 Update

The new PUBG 14.2 update adds the Mortar weapon exclusively to the Taego map. The weapon will fire gigantic projectiles that deal great damage. However, the accuracy of this weapon is quite low. Players must accurately anticipate the position of their enemies to attack using the mortar. The game also gets a new weapon, the M79 smoke grenade launcher.

The mortar can attack up to 700 meters away, but also takes a good five seconds to set up. Also note that Mortar will occupy the primary weapon slot during the game.

The update also introduces chickens to the Taego map, which will help add details to the map and also serve as a gameplay feature. The chickens will start to run away when they sense danger, alerting other players about your position. The chickens will be scared by multiple in-game elements such as the sound of knocks, footsteps, gunshots, engines and exhaust noises, and other creatures that die. While you can try tiptoeing around them, you can also calm them down by shooting them.

Another addition to the game is the DBNO swimming, which allows players to swim in the DBNO state and reach the shore to revive and not die on the spot. This will improve the survivability of players who are in the water while they are knocked out.

Aside from these new features and weapons, the new update adds new Taego locations to the Team Deathmatch preset in Custom Matches, including Field, Palace, Mountain, Market, and Shipyard.

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