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Succession Season 3 Premiere Summary: [Spoiler] Named CEO
Succession Season 3 Premiere Summary: [Spoiler] Named CEO

Sunday season 3 premiere of succession (read our full recap here) saw the Roy family in chaos after Kendall effectively declared war on his father Logan by laying out his many corporate crimes in a press conference. With Logan’s name suddenly becoming radioactive, Waystar needed a new CEO—and after considering his children Shiv and Roman, Logan decided to take Gerri, the company’s general counsel, to the top spot. (With Logan still piloting the ship from the shadows, of course.) It may have been a surprising choice for some, but for Brian Cox, who plays Logan, it was the only choice.

Sequel Season 3 Premiere Gerri

“It’s a good idea to make her acting CEO,” Cox told TVLine. “She is the kind of ethical face of Waystar Royco… and… [Logan] needs that ethical face, and that’s why she’s there.” Logan actually trusts Gerri more than his own kids, adding Cox: “She has her moments of wiggles, but she’s always been pretty honest.”

Shiv is initially “frustrated” at not getting the gig, admits Sarah Snook, but she soon sees the benefit of staying out of the firing line: “Not being the face of an absolute s–t storm is a good thing. case right now.”

Roman is “absolutely jealous” of Gerri’s new position, Kieran Culkin notes, “but I think in a way it’s the best-case scenario for him.” Becoming CEO while his father is still really running the business would be “almost too much pressure,” he thinks. “It’s like you’re in charge, but you’re not in charge. I don’t think Roman would be very good at that.” But if Roman is in charge, “I think he really has the tools for it. I think he can handle it very well… If you give him a few steps to climb the ladder, he will probably be clumsy at those steps, but put him in charge, and I think he knows what he’s doing has to do.’

As for the woman in charge herself, J. Smith-Cameron thinks Gerri can handle the slingshots and arrows that come with the position: “In a way, she knows she’s most capable of getting them out of trouble. .. Yes, it’s dangerous, it’s a vulnerable position to be in, but I think she’s also like, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, I’ll do it. I’ll be better at this. I’ll do this smart And she won’t apologize once she’s in the big chair, either: “I think she’s saying, ‘Look, I’ve been asked to do this impossible job. I’m clearly more suited to it than anyone else. too.’” But what about those misbehaving Roys? ‘I think she wants to bang their heads.’

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