The Bachelorette Episode 5: Vikings, Michelle Young And Minnesota

The Bachelorette episode 5: Vikings, Michelle Young and Minnesota
The Bachelorette episode 5: Vikings, Michelle Young and Minnesota

Let’s face it: It’s been a long time since this franchise was anywhere outside of a bubble. It started with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season of the franchise; Peter Weber was the last leader to have anything that resembled a “normal” season. Although we don’t think production will go on That If you can’t agree, see Michelle Young and her boys heading to her hometown of Minneapolis on Tuesday. That means you’ll have the chance to learn about how she’s growing up, as well as see a group date themed around the Minnesota Vikings. (Hey, why not?)

Check out the full recap below to learn more about the dates and drama ahead:

“1805” – “The Bachelorette” Hits the Road! For the first time in nearly two years, our lead actress and her men will be leaving their resort and this time going to a special place for Michelle – her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being close to home has its perks and this week one lucky man gets to draw the curtain on the places and things that made her who she is today while another gets to meet some of the people who did. The remaining men will try to score important points as they take on real Viking challenges to show their strength and courage. It’s been a week of fun and games, but some guys seem to have their own games in mind. Will Michelle show the troublemakers the door? Find out on “The Bachelorette”, broadcast on TUESDAY NOV. 16 (8:00-10:01 EST), on ABC. (TV-PG, DL) Episodes are available to watch next day on demand and on Hulu.

Hey, what would this show be without drama? Let’s just hope there’s a little less of it than we saw for Michelle in recent weeks. (At some point, Joe Coleman will have a date themed around the Minnesota Twins; we’ve already seen that in previews.)

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