THROWBACK: TXT’s Huening Kai opened up about teamwork, future aspirations and more

We are looking back at August 2020 when TXT’s Huening Kai got candid with GQ Korea and opened up about his fans, music, goals and so much more. When speaking about teamwork, the band member said: “I definitely learned what teamwork was in school. Even if you’re a bit off during practice, if you get it right just once, you immediately see substantial progress. As your teamwork gets better, it feels like you’re growing too. If you look at it a different way, that’s the advantage of a team. You get to share thoughts between members and you learn how to compromise as you share opinions. You think of each other and rely on them to slowly mature. There are times when you can be unaware of your own weaknesses.”

While TXT has released many tracks over the years, the alum revealed that their debut track–Crown continues to be his favourite. “From the start, I was so immersed when I listened to it. The melody is bright but if you look at the lyrics, they’re a bit sadder than you would think. When we were making the choreography, we were going to emphasize that feeling but it eventually got changed. I remember practising the beginning of the song with a sad and vague facial expression,” he said. 

While talking about the future, Huening Kai revealed that his ultimate goal for the future is to be “Touching people’s emotions through music.” The interviewer expressed curiosity in how Huening Kai would respond and he answered, “That’s hard. I think I would say, ‘I’m currently still in the process.’ I think I still have a long way to go, but I’m almost there,” he said. 

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